[Xymon] Graphing terminal server connection issue

Steve B rectifier at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 16:00:07 CET 2015

Hi all,

I am having an issue with graphing a powershell script that announces how
many connections we have to RDS farm environment.

The html output (which contains the info I want to graph) is as such:

</style> </head><body> <h2>Terminal Server Status</h2><br><b>Total users:
23<br>Active Sessions: 19 <br>Disconnected Sessions: 4</b><br><br><table
class="NormalTable"><colgroup><col /><col /><col /><col /><col /><col
/></colgroup><tr><th>Username</th><th>Session Name</th><th>Session
ID</th><th>State</th><th>Idle Time (hh:mm)</th><th>Login

This is all on same line and there is a lot more info about the table and
CSS. Is CSS ok with rrd graphing and Xymon?

In xymonserver.cfg, I have termusers=ncv and termusers listed in GRAPHS=
At the end of the file (just to simplify as it wasn't working) I have


In graphs.cfg (but there is no rrd file as yet) I have:

        TITLE Terminal Server Users
        YAXIS Users
        LINE2:active#00CCCC:Active Users
        LINE2:disc#FF0000:Disconnected Users
        GPRINT:active:LAST:Active Users        \: %5.1lf%s (cur)
        GPRINT:active:MAX: \: %5.1lf%s (max)
        GPRINT:active:MIN: \: %5.1lf%s (min)
        GPRINT:active:AVERAGE: \: %5.1lf%s (avg)\n
        GPRINT:disc:LAST:Disconnected Users  \: %5.1lf%s (cur)
        GPRINT:disc:MAX: \: %5.1lf%s (max)
        GPRINT:disc:MIN: \: %5.1lf%s (min)
        GPRINT:disc:AVERAGE: \: %5.1lf%s (avg)\n

But it won't create the rrd file and I am pretty sure this is because of
the output, there is something in there that creates an issue.

1) any tips on how to diagnose this type of problem more efficiently?
2) anyone had a similar issue when graphing from POWERSHELL or similar to

The old termusers scripts (possibly from Xymonton) used to graph properly
but when my colleague made the PowerShell version, the graphing never

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