[Xymon] It it possible to have a test that doesn't propagate status to the xymon page?

John Thurston john.thurston at alaska.gov
Thu Nov 19 22:12:38 CET 2015

On 11/19/2015 11:52 AM, Ribeiro, Glauber wrote:
> This is 4.3.10 compiled by myself, on Linux. I would rather use the .default. than the command line for xymongen.

I forget if I used 4.3.10, but I'm pretty sure that was before my time. 
I was still using Big Brother :)

> What's the syntax for default? I don't see it in the documentation I had:

If .default. isn't in the man page for hosts.cfg, maybe it didn't exist 
in 4.3.10

> .default. # nopropred:tls nopropyellow:tls

That looks fine. That will replace the nopropred and nopropyellow values 
with "tls". If you wanted to append "tls" to the end of the existing 
nopropred, it would be
     # nopropred:+tls

 From my man page:
> NOPROPRED:[+|-]testname[,[+|-]testname]
>     This tag is used to inhibit a yellow or red status from propagating upwards - i.e. from a test status color to the (sub)page status color, and further on to xymon.html or nongreen.html
>     If a host-specific tag begins with a '-' or a '+', the host-specific tags are removed/added to the default setting from the command-line option. If the host-specific tag does not begin with a '+' or a '-', the default setting is ignored for this host and the NOPROPRED applies to the tests given with this tag.
>     E.g.: xymongen runs with "--nopropred=ftp,smtp". "NOPROPRED:+dns,-smtp" gives a NOPROPRED setting of "ftp,dns" (dns is added to the default, smtp is removed). "NOPROPRED:dns" gives a setting of "dns" only (the default is ignored).

Does the nopropred work if you append it to a specific host line?

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