[Xymon] Client IP address change

Vernon Everett everett.vernon at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 03:01:13 CET 2015

Hi all

Is there a "trick" to changing the IP address of a monitored Unix client?
We had to change the IP address of a client a few days ago, but not the
host name.
In hosts.cfg, I changed the IP, but since then, the host conn is still red,
and lists the old IP address.
I tried restarting the Xymon server, and when that didn't help, I restarted
the cache daemon - not that I was expecting that to help. (The client isn't
in DNS.)
The only place it can get the IP (old or new) is from hosts.cfg, and I have
removed all references to the old IP from hosts.cfg.
All other (client side) tests work fine, except conn, and of course ssh and
rpc, which are disabled automatically, believing the host is down.

Any tips appreciated.



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- General George Patton

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