[Xymon] client-local.cfg an powershell client

Lukas Kohl lukas.kohl at ergodirekt.de
Tue Nov 17 09:07:09 CET 2015

I am a little bit confused right now, maybe you guys can help me.
Right now, I have a bunch of windows Servers, which report their status 
via Zacks Powershell client to my Xymon Server [4.3.17].
Since the netstat Graphs are not working properly, I tweaked the code a 
little bit, and changed the collector OS from powershell to bbwin:

client myserver.powershell powershell XymonPS

client myserver.bbwin powershell XymonPS

This worked, and now I can see the netstat trends.

In order to get all the client logfiles, I added a new section in the 

Unfortunately the rules won't get applied. I also tried it without the OS= 
prefix, which doesn't work either.
Regarding the manpage it should work: 

Do you have any Idea, whats wrong here ?

P.s.: If anyone is interested in the netstat Code, I can post it here.

Kind regards,

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