[Xymon] xymonfetch

Adam Goryachev adam at websitemanagers.com.au
Sat Nov 14 01:38:18 CET 2015

On 13/11/2015 18:55, Root, Paul T wrote:
> So a new hiccup. Putting in the XYMONDPORT=1984, the process pulls the "pulldata" commands out of the hosts.cfg of the main server, not the local proxy. That's a bit crazy. The hosts.cfg file are drastically different between the main server, and the proxies.
> The proxy is set to send locally first, then to the primary:
>     CMD $XYMONHOME/bin/xymonproxy --server=, --listen= --report=$MACHINE.xymonproxy --no-daemon --pidfile=$XYMONSERVERLOGS/xymonproxy.pid
> I'm going to try to put the pulldata for the two servers I want the proxies to pull, but can't do that right now. More tomorrow. Still haven't had time to put the new proxy in place, also.
AFAIK, the proxy will pull the data from the last server you configured, 
so try reversing the order that the proxy reports to, I am pretty sure 
this is documented in the xymonproxy manpage.
Hope that helps.


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