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Root, Paul T Paul.Root at CenturyLink.com
Wed Nov 11 23:04:45 CET 2015

I'm having issues with xymonfetch.

I have 2 xymon proxies, that also have the xymon server running as a backup to the main server on port 1985.  The proxy sends to the main server on port 1984 and to itself on port 1985.

I'm trying to add 2 new machines as clients of these proxy servers. They are outside a firewall that I don't want to open, so I'm doing a fetch. Xymon-client is running on 1984, and msgcache is running.

Client  clientlaunch.cfg:
#       DISABLED
        ENVFILE $XYMONCLIENTHOME/etc/xymonclient.cfg
        CMD $XYMONCLIENTHOME/bin/msgcache --no-daemon --pidfile=$XYMONCLIENTLOGS/msgcache.pid
        LOGFILE $XYMONCLIENTLOGS/msgcache.log

Proxy tasks.cfg:
    ENVFILE /etc/xymon/xymonserver.cfg
    #CMD $XYMONHOME/bin/xymonfetch --server=YOUR.XYMON.SERVER.IP --no-daemon --pidfile=$XYMONSERVERLOGS/xymonfetch.pid
    CMD $XYMONHOME/bin/xymonfetch --server= --log-interval=60 --id=1 --pidfile=$XYMONSERVERLOGS/xymonfetch.pid

Proxy hosts.cfg:  remoteclient                       # pulldata=  remoteclient2                     # pulldata=

I have a third xymon server, the development server, which is not a proxy, and the server runs on 1984. This pulls the data just fine from the remoteclients.

The xymonfetch.log file gets these errors:
2015-11-11 15:56:24 Connection lost during connect/write to (req 27): Connection refused
2015-11-11 15:56:41 Connection lost during connect/write to (req 28): Connection refused
2015-11-11 15:57:27 Connection lost during connect/write to (req 29): Connection refused
2015-11-11 15:57:44 Connection lost during connect/write to (req 30): Connection refused

The proxy servers are 4.3.10. The development server is 4.3.21. The main server is also 4.3.10, and it runs a fetch without issue, to other clients.

The clients are 4.3.10 (CentOS 5) and 4.3.21 (CentOS 6).

I am working on upgrading the proxy servers in OS (CentOS 5 -> 6) and Xymon (to 4.3.21). But not quite there yet. Another subject, but sending data from a proxy to another proxy does not work. So, when I have everything else, I may end up putting it in place, and hoping the proxy works....

Any ideas here? It seems like such a simple thing.

Paul Root
Lead Engineer
CenturyLink Network Reliability Operations Center

390 Commerce Dr
Woodbury, MN 55125
Direct: (651)312-5207
Paul.Root at centurylink.com

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