[Xymon] "Disable until change"

John Thurston john.thurston at alaska.gov
Tue Nov 3 00:59:06 CET 2015

We often use "disable until ok", but it was brought to my attention that 
it has burned us from time to time. For example:

Host foo is yellow on disk. But that's ok. We're going to allocate some 
new storage for it in the next service window. The test is marked 
"disable until ok". But before the service window arrives, something 
chews up a whole bunch of disk and the now-red test continues to be blue 
because the test is not yet ok.

We sometimes use "acknowledge" for this function, but the non-green 
screen can get kind of cluttered this way.

Does anyone have a good way to fake "disable while status remains 
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