[Xymon] useradm CGI -- Documentation?

Andy Smith abs at shadymint.com
Mon Nov 2 22:32:50 CET 2015

J.C. Cleaver wrote:
> On Sun, November 1, 2015 1:54 pm, Matt Vander Werf wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I noticed that there seems to be a user administration (using htpasswd)
>> functionality hidden away in Xymon. I found the useradm.sh script in
>> /xymon-seccgi/ and there appears to be a CGI file for it too. All the
>> other
>> files to make the menu on the web page work are in the correct places too
>> (just no entry for it in xymonmenu.cfg).
>> However, I do not see any documentation on how to make this work or what
>> needs to be set up for it to work. I don't even see any reference to it in
>> any other man pages or other documentation!
> I noticed that too. Andy's chpasswd.cgi was based on it, but there was a
> lack of man page for me to cheat and tweak over as well.
>> I managed to add the appropriate entry in my xymonmenu.cfg file to make it
>> show up on the webpage, but it doesn't appear to be working correctly for
>> me.
>> Is this something that actually works? Or is this something that was only
>> half-implemented (and won't work correctly in it's current form)?
>> If it is supposed to work, can some documentation be created for it? Or
>> can
>> someone point me to some documentation for it?
>> Seems like this goes right along with the chpasswd functionality that will
>> be in the next release...
> It depends on the distribution, but to work it will require your web user
> (apache, or whatever) to have write privileges into the (hard-coded)
> $XYMONHOME/etc/xymonpasswd file, which the default apache snippet uses for
> Basic Authentication creds. This file path can be specified by adding a
> '--passwdfile=/new/path' to a CGI_USERADM_OPTS variable in cgioptions.cfg.
> If SELinux is enabled, there's some policy finagling that'll be needed to
> allow httpd to write to it even then, but after going into permissive mode
> and chowning to apache, the CGI appears to be working as designed.
> That being said, it's always dangerous when the web user has write access
> to anything, and I'm tempted to leave this as something disabled by
> default, to be enabled by those who do need to give xymon admins a web
> interface for user management, but don't want them running a sudo htpasswd
> on that file on the command line, and understand those risks.
> Regardless, it definitely needs to be documented in any case, and it and
> chpasswd should be a matching pair. A FAQ will be that the --passwdfile
> needs to be set to whatever Apache is looking at, if it's been changed.
> HTH,
> -jc

The documentation should warn of the hazards of exposing a password 
field in a form that might potentially be accessed in a connection that 
was unencrypted.  I would not want to run either of these CGIs without 

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