[Xymon] Xymon 4.3.22-beta Release Download

John Thurston john.thurston at alaska.gov
Mon Nov 2 19:21:55 CET 2015

On 10/29/2015 5:44 PM, J.C. Cleaver wrote:
> Hello all!
> Xymon-4.3.22-beta has been posted to Sourceforge, containing bug fixes and
> a smattering of new features and improvements since 4.3.21. It's reachable
> at
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/xymon/files/Xymon/4.3.22/xymon-4.3.22-beta.tar.gz/download
> Some notable changes are at
> https://sourceforge.net/projects/xymon/files/Xymon/4.3.22/, while the full
> Changelog is at
> https://sourceforge.net/p/xymon/code/7707/tree/branches/4.x-master/Changes

These look like important corrections and additions. I particularly will 
like the ability to disable "flap detection". I have been out-of-office 
and have not yet had time to test this release. I hope to make time 
today or tomorrow to do so.

I am concerned that I see no mention in the changelog of any 
modification of combo test behavior. The behavior of combo tests (as 
defined in combo.cfg) is badly broken under Solaris. Failure, test 
conditions, and a stack excerpt are mentioned in my email to the list:

It works correctly on my CentOS installation, but not Solaris. I was 
able to move my combo test to the CentOS server and forward the result 
to my Solaris server. This gets the job done for me, but should I be hit 
by a truck it could be a little difficult for the next person to unwind 
the convoluted path.

    Do things because you should, not just because you can.

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