[Xymon] useradm CGI -- Documentation?

Matt Vander Werf mvanderw at nd.edu
Sun Nov 1 22:54:32 CET 2015


I noticed that there seems to be a user administration (using htpasswd)
functionality hidden away in Xymon. I found the useradm.sh script in
/xymon-seccgi/ and there appears to be a CGI file for it too. All the other
files to make the menu on the web page work are in the correct places too
(just no entry for it in xymonmenu.cfg).

However, I do not see any documentation on how to make this work or what
needs to be set up for it to work. I don't even see any reference to it in
any other man pages or other documentation!

I managed to add the appropriate entry in my xymonmenu.cfg file to make it
show up on the webpage, but it doesn't appear to be working correctly for

Is this something that actually works? Or is this something that was only
half-implemented (and won't work correctly in it's current form)?

If it is supposed to work, can some documentation be created for it? Or can
someone point me to some documentation for it?

Seems like this goes right along with the chpasswd functionality that will
be in the next release...


Matt Vander Werf
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