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Henrik Størner henrik at hswn.dk
Sun Nov 1 20:17:20 CET 2015

Hmm sorry about that, seems the drafts of this message were also posted 
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Den 01-11-2015 kl. 20:15 skrev Henrik Størner:
> Hi,
> J.C. Cleaver:
>> Xymon 5 is the trunk update Henrik has been working on for a while now.
>> The biggest core features are compression, sqlite as a data store, IPv6
>> and direct SSL communication support throughout, a new poller 
>> (xymonnet2)
>> and page generator, and more streamlined client->RRD processing.
>> Development on it's been somewhat stalled with Henrik being busy at his
>> new position, but it's still definitely "on the roadmap". For a more
>> specific ETA on it, I'd have to defer to him.
> First, I must say that I am pretty impressed (and happy) with the way 
> JC has managed the v4 codebase. I think I made the right choice when I 
> handed it over to him.
> Re. version 5 ... well, most of the code is there. One of the last 
> releases I did was an alfa/beta/preview/whatever with the new 
> networking code. But it does need some cleanup, and re-adapting into 
> the current v4 code - it was originally branched off 4.3.7 I think, 
> and since JC took over I haven't fitted any of his fixes and 
> enhancements into v5-code.
> And unfortunately I don't have the time to do any serious work on it. 
> Version 5 just turned out to include too many changes and 
> enhancements, it should never have gone for so long without a release.
> I think the best way forward is to slice the version-5 code into 
> smaller pieces, and then gently slip them into the current v4 code. 
> There are some generic changes that could easily move back into v4, 
> and then some more serious changes for the new networking code. But 
> even that could (I think) me nudged into the v4 code, and live 
> alongside the current net-tool. That would probably be a slightly less 
> intimidating set of changes.
> Regards,
> Henrik
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