[Xymon] purple problems

Walter Rutherford wlrutherford at alaska.edu
Sun Aug 30 06:22:30 CEST 2015

Hey all,

This is probably an old issue but I didn't see a way to search the archives.

Our xymon server is showing purple indicators for two of our custom scripts
but only on a handful of systems. I've found differences in file location,
ownership, UID, GID, etc.. but so far none of that seems to be the problem.

The custom script checks raids. Strangely, all of the stagnant hosts show
the same three disks entries from mid-July no matter how many disks they
really have. Unfortunately I don't know what may've happened in July; that
was before I started working here. I suspect the xymon-client software was
copied from a live system, including the old status reports, but in so doing
something wasn't re-configured correctly for the new systems.

Even stranger, at my urging the Lead SA undisabled the purple notifications.
I was expecting the page to go purple but it remains green even though the
page isn't updating. At the bottom of the incorrect raid report page there
is a
link to "client data". If I follow the link I get a full report *including
the correct,*
*current raid information*!

I think this means that the client is capturing the correct data and sending
it to the server, the server is actually receiving the report, but after
that the
raid report isn't being handled correctly. Other systems display as
So far I haven't found anywhere on the server that  the purple systems are
configured or handled differently.

I doubt we're the first to experience this problem. Does this sound

Thanks in advance for any hints you can provide for where to look next.

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