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I would say a definite no to queuing. It sends directly from the client to the server, and not through a central email server.

Basically I tail the maillog (on the client). I get on the client machine and send an alert. I see nothing in the maillog.
While tailing the maillog on the client to see the outgoing message, I have a seperate terminal open to the client. I can manually send an email to an outside address. So this tells me it is NOT the mail (outgoing) queuing messages.
It almost seems as xymon had a back-off throttling mechanism. The first couple of times I sent alerts they were about 7 mins apart. After that, it seemed to go to ten minutes. After I sent this email to the list it seemed to have climbed to fifteen minutes. 

Thanks everyone for any help in tracking this down! I'm trying to custom craft my email alert for an alarm and it can get aggravating to make a couple of line changes, then have to wait ten minutes to see the results. :P
I was hoping there was some config option I missed or didn't understand in alerts or xymonclient.cfg that you could set to tell it: "I don't care if you just sent an alert, send another one" - at least for debugging and development.
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Keith, I don't use email alerts, but I'd be surprised if this was the case.  As far as I know, there's no facility within Xymon to queue up messages like this.  Is it possible that your mail system is queuing messages?

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