[Xymon] Syntax checking function

J.C. Cleaver cleaver at terabithia.org
Thu Aug 27 22:31:57 CEST 2015

On Thu, August 27, 2015 12:26 pm, John Thurston wrote:
> I've been looking in the man pages and can't find what I'm looking for.
> I hope I'm just looking with my eyes closed.
> Some applications (ISC BIND is one that comes to mind) provide a dry-run
> or syntax-checking function for their config and data files. For BIND, I
> can run named-checkconf to test the syntax of the application
> configuration files. I also have named-checkzone which will confirm a
> zone file passes muster.
> Is there such a function available for the Xymon tasks or hosts?

For tasks.cfg (or clientlaunch.cfg), run xymonlaunch with the --dump
command to get what is effectively a config check.

For xymond_client or xymond_alert, use --dump-config -- errors will be
sent in STDERR, IIRC.

Since hosts.cfg doesn't have a single unified syntax (for tests and
whatnot), there's a limit to the direct syntax checks one can do while
loading it. Truly egregious issues might be seen from xymonnet, xymongen,
or xymond in --debug mode, however.



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