[Xymon] Upgrade to 4.3.21, https tests seem to no longer work.

Shawn Heisey hobbit at elyograg.org
Tue Aug 25 20:07:53 CEST 2015

On 8/25/2015 11:53 AM, Shawn Heisey wrote:
> I upgraded to 4.3.21 today, from 4.3.14.  It was built using this command:
> build/makerpm.sh 4.3.21


> It looks like what's happening is that xymon's http test has forgotten
> how to speak HTTPS.  It actually looks like it has forgotten how to
> speal SSL entirely -- imaps and pop3s are showing yellow status with
> "Unexpected service response" messages.
> I am now also seeing purple alarms from sslcert, because none of the SSL
> stuff is working right.
> How can I fix this?

Followup:  Downgrading to 4.3.14 again (and once again fighting with
RPM's insistence that my configs need to be replaced) has restored

Side note:  4.3.21 didn't fix my ongoing problems with ATT0001.bin
attachments on msgs alarms from BBWin clients.  I *have* implemented the
known fix using the "tr" command to eliminate carriage returns, but
apparently that isn't working.


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