[Xymon] https tests through a proxy

Phil Crooker Phil.Crooker at orix.com.au
Fri Aug 7 09:02:07 CEST 2015

I tested this and have the same result. The xymon user does pick up the system $http_proxy setting (or $https_proxy for that matter) but it looks like xymonnet ignores it. When I've had to test something through a proxy server, I've setup another test (call it phttps or whatever), and I run an ext script, something like this:


$XYMONHOME/bin/xymongrep $TEST | while read L
        set $L  # To get one line of output from xymongrep
        MACHINE=`echo $2 | $SED -e's/\./,/g'`

        curl --max-time 30 http://$MACHINEDOTS > $XYMONHOME/tmp/$MACHINEDOTS.$$

        etc, etc, etc


There are many ways of handling the output depending on what you want to test for. curl, wget and w3m work fine.

Not the cleanest way to handle this but it does work and you can tweak it endlessly.

Hope that helps...

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Has anyone gotten Xymon http tests to work through an proxy server?  I have to be able to set the proxy server for ALL https traffic and Xymon just doesn't seem to be able to handle it.  I asked a while back and finally got to do try setting it up but the current recommendation has the severe shortcoming that it doesn't work for https (according to the doc) and I REALLY don't want to have to add a proxy definition to every single http test.

I've tried just adding "export http_proxy=myproxy:port" to the startup scripts but it seems to be ignored.  Seems like an unfortunate oversight in Xymon if it's not user error.  We can test for a specific ssl version but not use a proxy server?  I'm having trouble buying it (hence the likelyhood of user error).


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