[Xymon] TCP Wrappers for xymond

Jeremy Laidman jlaidman at rebel-it.com.au
Thu Jul 31 06:19:57 CEST 2014

Thanks for the replies.  I've used tcpserver in the past (long ago, when
running your own mail/dns server seemed like a fun thing to do) and it
worked pretty well.  But I think xinetd can do much the same, also uses the
same /etc/hosts.allow for controlling access, and is already installed.

On 31 July 2014 01:04, Bill Arlofski <waa-hobbitml at revpol.com> wrote:

> Also, stunnel actually does not need to support tcpwrappers because the
> connections can be secured using certs. ;)

Hmm.  That's an interesting idea.  I like the prospect of having encrypted
and authenticated connections.

But I don't like the overhead of managing certificates.  Also, I like
having the same access config file (hosts.allow) for all services.

I might see how I go with xinetd.

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