[Xymon] best (or any) way to remember disabled tests on the main page?

oliver ohemming at gmail.com
Wed Jul 30 18:50:12 CEST 2014

>> Ideally, I'd like to see the name of the server group ("prod" in the
>> example) change to blue from white on the main view to remind me
>> there's an ignored test.  But I don't want the "main view" colour to
>> change from green
> Don't disable the test. Acknowledge the alert.

Let me explain the situation a little more clearly.

We have tons of servers deployed in pairs.  Each pair consists of an
active box and a standby box and it doesn't technically matter which
one of the two is active.  For consistency reasons, we like to keep it
so the "first" box is active whenever possible.

If the first box fails over, for whatever reason, it generates a red
alarm on Xymon saying it's no longer active and (after checking
everything out) we ask someone on the night-shift to fail back over
during off-hours.  At this point, we don't want the main Xymon view to
be red so we "ignore" the test.  However, since the main view is now
green, the techs sometimes forget that there's anything to do and it
remains failed over until someone drills down and sees it.

I was trying to get to a state where they would know that there's a
disabled/ignored/ack'd box from the front page to eliminate the "I
missed the email" excuses

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