[Xymon] xymon 4.3.17 glitch - .netrc passwd not working for some https cont tests

Betsy Schwartz betsy.schwartz at gmail.com
Wed Aug 27 20:59:43 CEST 2014

I'm testing our 4.3.17 upgrade on a dev box and finding a minor glitch,
that some https tests with content and passwords in .netrc are not working.
they do work with password in the host file, so it's not a blocker, but I'm
hoping to avoid that.

This line works:
 cc.example.com # noconn ssh cont;

this line does not work
 cc.example.com # noconn ssh cont;https://cc.example.com/webdav/DEMO/;Hello

with .netrc containing:
machine webdav-cc2.example.com login username password password
machine webdav-cc1.example.com login username password password
machine webdav-cc3.example.com login username password password
machine cc.example.com login username password password

There are four machines in the hosts.cfg , one representing the vip and
three representing physical servers. Only the first machine, webdav-cc1,
works. I played around with the order in both hosts.cfg and .netrc, doesn't
seem to matter. I can auth with all of them using wget at the command line
so it's not a connectivity issue

any thoughts?
exact same host file and .netrc work on the production server
thanks Betsy
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