[Xymon] Xymon Newbie - Installation Issues

Sam Robert sam.robert at outlook.com
Thu Aug 21 09:29:07 CEST 2014

Hello All,
I am a Linux and Xymon newbie to begin with so please go easy on me. Found Xymon in my search for a simple yet powerful network monitor and love what I have seen so far. However I cant seem to get it installed properly no matter what. So far I have tried all instances of Linux over at AWS and so far the best with the least amount of errors is Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 - Even on that, the RRDTOOL-DEVEL is nowhere to be found and after spending half a day found the rpm at REPOFORGE and installed from there and the ./configure seemed happy with it. However no matter what I do, I could not find C-ARES-DEVEL to install and the RPM I found gave constant errors.
Anyhow, my question is what to do with the C-ARES error or the ARES.H errors on configure. Let them be or how can I install them properly? Also after the installation how do I configure APACHE as on other distros I could never get the XYMON page to come up because of a different www folder and each distro has its own issues.
Does anybody know of a complete guide or tutorial for newbies using which I can get Xymon to work? I have followed almost 8 to 10 different Xymon articles for different distros and could not get any to work because of the versions difference and other issues.
Please Help!
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