[Xymon] Orange background color?

Root, Paul T Paul.Root at centurylink.com
Tue Aug 19 15:55:45 CEST 2014

That would be a nice addition. And not just for the non-green page. It would be nice for all pages, and propagate up to the top.

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I think what Christian is asking is more for having bkg-red.gif and
bkg-red-ack.gif as backgrounds, similar to how individual tests are done.
Xymongen would correlate everything on a page (and sub-pages) together,
and if there were red alerts, but everything was acknowledged, a
bkg-red-ack.gif would be called instead (which could then be replaced with
orange in their case).

It's an interesting idea, but I don't believe there's a way to do that
with the existing release. A patch to xymongen would be needed.



On Tue, August 19, 2014 6:11 am, Bakkies Gatvol wrote:
> The background is actually a repeating gif. I changed mine so that I can
> tell my dev xymon display from my prod xymon display. I assume you can
> change the "red" background to be orange.
> server/www/gifs-L:=> ls bkg*
> bkg-blue.gif  bkg-clear.gif  bkg-green.gif  bkg-purple.gif  bkg-red.gif
> bkg-yellow.gif
> Bakkies
> From: christian.becker at rhein-zeitung.net
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> Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2014 07:47:58 +0000
> Subject: [Xymon] Orange background color?
> Hello all,
> we have a setup of Xymon 4.3.17, monitoring 711 devices at this time.
> Our operating staff is using the "All non-green view" as their starting
> point. Therefore it could be the situation, that one needs to acknowledge
> a red alert, so that the icon called "red-ack.gif" is being shown.
> In our setup, this icon "red-ack.gif" is not the default one; we are using
> an orange icon instead of the default red one.
> Now my question is just a cosmetical question: if -for example- we have
> only one red alert on the "All non-green view" (or on any page...), and this
> single red alert would be acknowledged, then "our" orange icon is being
>  shown for this acknowledged alert, but the background color remains red.
> Would it be possible to define an orange background colour just for that
> case, if there's only one already acknowledged orange (red) icon per
> page?
> Christian Becker
> IT-Services
> Christian.Becker at rhein-zeitung.net

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