[Xymon] Orange background color?

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The background is actually a repeating gif. I changed mine so that I can tell my dev xymon display from my prod xymon display. I assume you can change the "red" background to be orange.

server/www/gifs-L:=> ls bkg*
bkg-blue.gif  bkg-clear.gif  bkg-green.gif  bkg-purple.gif  bkg-red.gif  bkg-yellow.gif


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Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2014 07:47:58 +0000
Subject: [Xymon] Orange background color?

Hello all,
we have a setup of Xymon 4.3.17, monitoring 711 devices at this time.
Our operating staff is using the “All non-green view” as their starting point. Therefore it could be the situation, that one needs to acknowledge a red alert, so that the icon called “red-ack.gif” is being shown.
In our setup, this icon “red-ack.gif” is not the default one; we are using an orange icon instead of the default red one.
Now my question is just a cosmetical question: if -for example- we have only one red alert on the “All non-green view” (or on any page…), and this single red alert would be acknowledged, then “our” orange icon is being
 shown for this acknowledged alert, but the background color remains red. Would it be possible to define an orange background colour just for that case, if there’s only one already acknowledged orange (red) icon per page?
Christian Becker

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