[Xymon] Setting up custom graph to monitor mail queue on postfix

Kim Johansen hobbit at weiser.dk
Mon Aug 11 22:03:46 CEST 2014


I using Xymon to monitor a postfix mail server, and want to monitor the 
different mail queues on it.

I have found this script:


I have the data comming from the mail server to Xymon server:

Mails active: 3
amount equal to last measure.
Mails bouncing: 0
amount equal to last measure.
Mails in deferred State: 63
amount equal to last measure.
Corrupt Mails: 0
amount equal to last measure.
Incoming Mails: 0
amount equal to last measure.

But I have not succeded in getting the graph to work, I have follow the 
steps on the wiki site above, and I have also gone though the help file, 
about costum graphs, in Xymon web site.

In xymonserver.cfg have I added:
- 'postfix=ncv' to the TEST2RRD string
- NCV_postfix="*:GAUGE"

Also in graph.cfg have I added:
         FNPATTERN postfix,(.*).rrd
         TITLE Postfix statistics
         YAXIS Mail(s)
         DEF:p at RRDIDX@=@RRDFN@:lambda:AVERAGE
         LINE2:p at RRDIDX@#@COLOR@:@RRDPARAM@
         GPRINT:p at RRDIDX@:LAST: \: %8.1lf (cur)
         GPRINT:p at RRDIDX@:MAX: \: %8.1lf (max)
         GPRINT:p at RRDIDX@:MIN: \: %8.1lf (min)
         GPRINT:p at RRDIDX@:AVERAGE: \: %8.1lf (avg)\n

But it do not generate the rrd files, I think I have missed something, 
but I can't figure it out, I hope You can...



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