[Xymon] new install issue

Kris Springer kspringer at innovateteam.com
Thu Aug 7 01:05:36 CEST 2014

I've got a stable server hosted on AWS and I'm trying to build a new 
server on my ESXi VM server hosted elsewhere.  Both are using Xymon 
4.3.17 and both are build on Ubuntu 14.04.  I've got Xymon2 up and 
supposedly configured the same as Xymon1.  It's displaying the basic 
colored webpage with alerts functioning.  My problem is that when I 
click any colored icon to view the drilldown info I get this message.

# This is a wrapper for the Xymon svcstatus.cgi script
. /usr/lib/xymon/server/etc/cgioptions.cfg exec 
/usr/lib/xymon/server/bin/svcstatus.cgi $CGI_SVC_OPTS
Signature - Kris
I tend to think this is an apache2 issue but I can't figure out what it 
is.  I'm comparing Xymon1 and Xymon2 config files and I'm not seeing 
anything wrong.  Anybody have a clue for me?

Thank you.


Kris Springer

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