[Xymon] BBWIN for Windows 2008 64bit

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There is no GUI or start menu item installed by BBWin, it's a service that runs in the background and is configured by the config file in /program files(x86)/bbwin/etc and one registry setting under HKLM/Software/BBWin (from memory). The registry setting sets the display name in Xymon. There is a GUI available from http://sourceforge.net/projects/bbwingui/ which if you are a long time Windows admin (like me) feels a lot more natural.


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I just downloaded bbwin from http://sourceforge.net/projects/bbwin/files/bbwin/0.13/ to install it on my Windows 2008 64 bit server -- it is my DNS server.

After the installation, it didn't add bbwin to 'All Programs' so I browsed the directory tree to c:\Program Files (86)\BBwin\bin and I saw a two green executables: one called 'bbwin' and the other called 'bbwincmd', so I clicked on 'bbwin', and I got.

BBWin is a free Big Brother and Xymon client for Windows.
This software is under GPL license. Please read the license file.

BBWin -install          to install the service
BBWin -remove           to remove the service
BBWin -debug <params>   to run as a console app for debugging

StartServiceCtrlDispatcher being called.
This may take several seconds.  Please wait.

Then the screen goes away. And in 'task manager' I don't see the process running. I have heard that other people has gotten this version to work on 2008 64bit. Please help, thanks.


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