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Jeremy Laidman jlaidman at rebel-it.com.au
Wed Aug 6 14:16:33 CEST 2014

Firstly, please cc the mailing list. Secondly, best to upgrade to Xymon if
that's possible.

On 06/08/2014 9:54 PM, "Rod Simioni" <rod.simioni at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'll need more flexiability because this xml requires custom headers,
etc. I've created a custom script -- I placed it in the /server/ext dir and
populated my :hobbitlaunch.cfg with
> [foo]
>    ENVFILE $BBTHOME/etc/hobbitserver.cfg
>    CMD $BB/ext/myscript.sh
>    LOGFILE $BB/logs/myscript.log
>    INTERVAL 5m

I can't tell what your script does so I'm guessing that it has the target
server name hard coded.

> I've placed 'foo' in the bb-hosts file for the bb server

This is not needed. Generally, test names in bb-hosts are used only by the
"network" tests (xymonnet or bbnet). Everything else uses their own
configurations, typically in-script variables or separate configuration
files. It's possible for a script to fetch it's configuration elements from
bb-hosts, but that's not very common, and requires the script to do some
extra work to get it. Again this is something I can't tell because I don't
know what your script is doing.

> but I want to monitor the client-less vips. If I placed 'foo' next to my
client-less vips, it does nothing, do you have a clue?

The only place you need to define your test name is on the script that
sends the status message. Everything else is incidental or superfluous.
Even the [foo] in hobbitlaunch.cfg is arbitrary, and as long as its unique,
it can be any alphanumeric string of reasonable length.

There's no reason to list the test name in the bb-hosts file. Your script
needs to know the host name(s) it's going to test.

Can you show the script?

Have you looked at myscript.log?

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