[Xymon] transform REMOTE_USER for display purposes?

Richard L. Hamilton rlhamil2 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 3 02:12:09 CEST 2014

There are those who have asked for a way to transform the REMOTE_USER variable when it's used for display purposes (like in the enadis.sh CGI program).  This can be perhaps more desirable when client certs are used with +FakeBasicAuth; the rather long identifying strings then used in the xymonpasswd (or comparable) file are a bit ugly.

AFAIK, Apache's mod_env will not modify standard CGI environment variables; so the CGI's would have to do it.  If they checked if some optional RE was in a config file, they could use that to convert REMOTE_USER into something better suited to display than e.g.
/CN=CAcert WoT User/emailAddress=johndoe at nobody.com
(trivial example of what a free cert from CAcert might show up as); or there could be a file that just mapped REMOTE_USER values to display names.

Overkill, or worthwhile? :-)

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