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Kris Springer kspringer at innovateteam.com
Fri Aug 1 08:02:17 CEST 2014

Well done!!  Adding the '/bin/bash' to the cmd line worked!  Results are 
flowing in and all is well. Thanks for help.  Good job. :-)
Signature - Kris

Thank you.


Kris Springer

On 7/31/2014 7:21 PM, Jeremy Laidman wrote:
> On 1 August 2014 10:45, Root, Paul T <Paul.Root at centurylink.com 
> <mailto:Paul.Root at centurylink.com>> wrote:
>     Yes. The xymon-rclient script scp’s the proper script from
>     ~/client/bin to the client and runs it.
> Actually, that's not correct.  It uses "ssh" (or rsh, or whatever you 
> want to give it) to run a shell, then pipes the contents of the 
> xymonclient-freebsd.sh file into the pipe.  Essentially like this:
> $ cat /usr/lib/xymon/client/bin/xymonclient-freebsd.sh | ssh -T -i 
> path/to/keyfile hostname
> and the output is saved into a temporary file to be fed into $XYMON 
> $XYMSRV "@", but prefixed with a "client" message header.
> If you run that "cat ..." command manually it should give you client 
> data as its output.  Try it and see.
> If it works, then xymon-rclient should also work and might have a bug. 
>  If this doesn't work, then we can reproduce the problem outside of 
> xymon-rclient and it will be easier to work on.
> I wonder if it's to do with the shell on the FreeNAS.  If it's a 
> non-standard shell, you might need to force a shell in the ssh 
> parameters, with something like:
> cmd(ssh -T -i /home/xymon/.ssh/xymon-rclient root@%{H} 
> /bin/bash),ostype(freebsd)
> J

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