[Xymon] Send apache /server-status page to server via client.

Mike Burger mburger at bubbanfriends.org
Tue Oct 29 13:16:57 CET 2013

> Hi,
> I know how to pull and graph /server-status page of apache from xymon.
> But my apache servers are into amazon vpc and cant be contacted by xymon.
> Xymon client sends data to the server.
> /server-stauts page can be accessed from localhost, is there a way where
> xymon client can send /server-status page to the server ?

If your apache servers in Amazon's cloud can't be contacted by Xymon,
they're not likely to be contacted by anyone/anything else, which could
very well make the web servers useless.

Are you sure that the web servers can't be accessed, or is it more that
you're using the stock server-status stanza, and haven't added or modified
the Allow from line to include your Xymon server, and so your apache
server is responding with "403 Forbidden"?

Mike Burger

"It's always suicide-mission this, save-the-planet that. No one ever just
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