[Xymon] Housekeeping on /xymon/data/hostdata

Torsten Richter bb4 at richter-it.net
Mon Oct 28 10:15:36 CET 2013

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Hi Neil,

take a look at the trimhistory command delivered with XYmon.
I use it here to delete the history data older than a year.
In addition I also have a script similar to the one on XYmonton that
deletes the RRD files for hosts or tests that get no longer updated.


On 28.10.2013 09:47, Neil Simmonds wrote:
> We've been getting some space issues recently on our /xymon filesystem. We don't really want to add more space so I am looking at implementing some housekeeping on the /xymon/data/hostdata folder.
> If I run a find command there are nearly 58000 files over 180 days old and I don't really think we need to keep client data from alerts older than that. Is there a built in way to manage this or is it a case of writing a script to manage it?
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