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Scot Kreienkamp SKreien at la-z-boy.com
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Thank you for the TCP dump idea Jeremy, that was spot on.  I assumed that I had to escape the special characters in the URL as I did on the command line.  Apparently Xymon already takes care of that for me.  When I looked at the dump the escapes were being passed straight through.  As soon as I took them out I started getting the true  response that I was looking for.  There was no space, that's my email client being "helpful".

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On 11 October 2013 08:14, Scot Kreienkamp <SKreien at la-z-boy.com<mailto:SKreien at la-z-boy.com>> wrote:
cont=http-content; /Main/login.do\?userName=*****\&userPass=*****\&pcno=***;true

Firstly, there's a space after the IP address and the "/".  Is this space in your hosts.cfg?  Spaces are not allowed in a "cont" clause.

Secondly, check that the URL is being sent as you expect it to.  Can you check the web server logs, or use tcpdump/snoop/wireshark to view the URL that was sent to the web server?  I wonder if the "\?" and "\&" are being sent literally, because the escaping is not for the URL, only for the matching regexp.  Try just removing the backslashes and see if it works.  Alternatively, replace them with their URL-escaped equivalents ("%3F" for "?" and "%26" for "&").


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