[Xymon] Content check question

Scot Kreienkamp SKreien at la-z-boy.com
Thu Oct 10 23:14:03 CEST 2013

Hey guys,

I'm trying to build a content check to one of our internal servers.  Here's what I've specified in the content check:

cont=http-content; /Main/login.do\?userName=*****\&userPass=*****\&pcno=***;true

I know the URL  works, I can do it from the command line:
[hobbit at retv6100 bb-hosts-includes]$ curl\?userName=*****\&userPass=*****\&pcno=***

And it returns:
<loginResult loggedin='true' userloginid='1070002' pcid='****' address=******' session='ACAEB9D8C0C6D8D32824F977A1AEB2E3' />

But the test on Xymon returns "No output received from server".  I'm stumped how it can be getting no output?  Can anyone enlighten me?

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