[Xymon] EXT : can't fully clear conn history

Mills, David (IS) David.Mills at ngc.com
Thu Oct 10 17:57:40 CEST 2013

Hey, Kris...

Had to do this just yesterday myself...

// For corroboration, see the xymon(1) man page and search for "drop"

$ $XYMON_HOME/server/bin/xymon "drop <hostname> <testname>"

// Now perform check to make sure it's gone... Sometimes it takes a few seconds:

$ $XYMON_HOME/server/bin/xymon "xymondboard host=<hostname> test=<testname>"

// Should come back empty

Also, double-check your hosts.cfg file to make sure the host+"noconn" is the way it should be. You might also want to do a "kill -HUP <PID of xymond>" to force the xymond daemon to re-read the hosts.cfg file for new config updates.



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Subject: EXT :[Xymon] can't fully clear conn history

Hi, I've got a list of websites that we host that I put in a nice 'group-compress' list in my hosts file.  I have 'noconn' set for each one so xymon doesn't show any ping results on the display page.  On one of my sites I had 'noping' set instead of 'noconn' and now it shows a single icon in the 'conn' column that I want to make go away.  I've gone in and manually removed all the 'hist', 'histlogs', and 'rrd' data for that site but the lonely icon is still there and won't go away.  What am I missing?  My goal is to not have a 'conn' column for the sites in that list.

Thank you.
Kris Springer


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