[Xymon] proc : multiple alerts?

Betsy Schwartz betsy.schwartz at gmail.com
Mon Oct 7 13:12:22 CEST 2013

> BUT – if the procs-column is already in the red-state, when the 2nd
process goes bad, it wont trigger a notification…

That depends on your rules. If you have procs set to alert every five
minutes while it is red, you will get repeated notifications. However if
someone *acks* or signs it out, you wont.

There may be another way to slice this:
   -if one of these  services is listening on a port, you can do a custom
ports test in protocols.cfg and alert on that
   -if one of these services is writing a log file or moving files around,
use a files or msgs test
   -if there's a web service, use the CONT= feature to create a named http
test and create an alert on that

Depending on the size of your shop , you may be able to sidestep another
way. In our case, it turns out that giving the NOC privileges to run sudo
/sbin/service along with some debugging documentation cut out a lot of
pages all around :-)   I did end up doing a custom test in one case because
testing on /sbin/service status was deemed to be preferable to just looking
for the process . If you have to do a custom test for a proc, at least it's
a very short test.

Once you've written "do a system call and alert on results" you should have
a fairly generic and reusable piece of code.
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