[Xymon] How do you handle simultaneous disk-alerts from the same host?

Carl Melgaard Carl.Melgaard at STAB.RM.DK
Wed Oct 2 13:49:25 CEST 2013

On 2 October 2013 18:05, Carl Melgaard <Carl.Melgaard at stab.rm.dk<mailto:Carl.Melgaard at stab.rm.dk>> wrote:
How do you guys handle multiple disk-alerts - for example 2 simultaneous C and D-drive critical alerts on the same host? AFAIK when the C-drive reaches critical level, the "disk"-column turns red, alerts get sent etc. But when the D-drive also reaches a critical level, the "disk"-column is already red, thus its not a status-change and alerts wont get sent. How do you guys handle this situation?
>I use this: https://wiki.xymonton.org/doku.php/monitors:fs-test
>If any disk goes non-green, this script (running on the Xymon server) dynamically adds extra dots for every disk (named fs_root, fs_usr, fs_<mountpoint>) and colours them accordingly.  Once the disk(s) have returned to normal, the extra dots are removed.

This looks very nice - is there anything like this for Windows - for bbwin?


Carl Melgaard

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