[Xymon] HTTP / FTP Service Checks - Red Alerts

Joseph De Nicolo denicoloj at gmail.com
Tue Mar 26 18:53:26 CET 2013

Xymon Users,

I have two web servers that I am checking. Hostname-A is an off-site server
hosted by a third party therefore I only perform basic network tests such
as conn, http, ftp. The other(Hostname-B) is hosted on my local network and
I have a client installed to check hardware as well as network tests.

I set up a basic Alert for both which emails me when the http, ftp, conn,
or other service becomes critical(red). I have not modified the tests
themselves, they become yellow/red based on default values.

I get daily email alerts stating the http service is critical or NOT OK,
mostly on Hostname-A with the http and ftp service. Conn is never red.
Hostname-B receives the red status as well but only http - DNS error.
Whenever I see this alert and I check the service.. its always green and
showing no problems. Hostname-A receives red status from many different
errors including ... 'Server Timeout', 'DNS Error', and 'Connected - but
Empty response (code0)'. FTP gets 'Unexepcted Service Response' from time
to time much the red status is appearing much much more frequent on the
http service. I do not have remote access since it is hosted on a shared
server by a third party.

Where can I make some adjustments on my xymon server to somehow stop these
faulty red statuses. Can I configure the test to check less often, do you
think the ping / service checks are being blocked by the third party due to
the frequency? Perhaps I can change it to check every 10 minutes instead of
5 (which I believe is the default). Not sure what the problem is since conn
is NEVER red so they cant be blocking ping attempts, not sure why the http
is returning critical when its always green when I check.

Appreciate any help I can get.
*Joseph De Nicolo*
*Secure Database Administrator
*Center for Complex Network Research <http://www.barabasilab.com>*
*Northeastern University*
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