[Xymon] Documenting servers, processes and stuff inside Xymon

Ward, Martin Martin.Ward at colt.net
Thu Mar 21 11:14:26 CET 2013

Hi all,

Is there any way to provide a simple list of "how-to"s for a given server within Xymon? For instance I have a process that over time eats up memory so needs to be restarted. It would be useful to have a piece of text saying something like "If memory gets full over time then restart this process" in the Memory page for this server. I realise I could have an auto-restart script but I am chary of those because of the potential for it continually restarting a daemon due to memory usage if, for some reason, that daemon is not the actual cause of the memory problem.

I know about the DESCR: and COMMENTS: options in hosts.cfg but they for short amounts of text on a page with lots of hosts. Is there anywhere that I can link or show more information, hints and tips, contact information and such like information for each server?


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