[Xymon] xymon feature I would like to add too

Andrey Chervonets a.chervonets at cominder.eu
Wed Mar 20 08:28:03 CET 2013

I vote for the feature discussed. It can be very useful.

Another thing I would like to offer is to add new dimension: target object
and some king of screen display with grouping by target objects of user 
defined type or just per target level.

For example, on some hosts we monitor databases (there may be several 
per host), on some application server instances.
Now I have implemented loop at client side to test and show status for 
each database instance per host and calculate overall status for metric 
(dbup, dbpga, etc.)
Problems with this are:
a) when we have both databases and application server on same host - 
screen width is naturally to short to display all metrics (I use Opera 
browser and it just compact to display all the screen, so this a bit 
resolve the problem for me, but formatting is not so good).
b) we can't see statistics and history per target (database/application 
server instance) , so if I need to check problems of the exact instance 
I have to check all events for the metric, check details for each event 
and filter out only required in my memory.

So my offer is to add onether one dimension target object (that can be 
of user defined type, by default all is grouped by target type=host)
I know it is not very simple to implement, but may be you will find this 
may be useful.

Best regards,

Andrey Chervonets
SIA CoMinder
Mobile: +371 26517848
Fax: +371 66066346

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