[Xymon] Using an actual logo instead of text?

Raymond, David David.Raymond at ca.ebarrette.com
Tue Mar 19 12:53:13 CET 2013

Hi Michael,


There is what I do, I custom the logo for our company.


Upload file xymon.png to /usr/lib/xymon/server/www/gifs

Change security to : chown xymon:xymon xymon.png


You need to edit /usr/lib/xymon/server/web/*_header

nano /usr/lib/xymon/server/web/*_header


Where you see $XYMONLOGO change to this line.

<FONT FACE="Arial, Helvetica" SIZE="+1"


<img src="&XYMONSKIN/xymon.png" alt="Xymon logo" />


You need to change all file header.




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> Is it possible to put an <img src> tag in the XYMONLOGO variable to 

> display an actual logo instead of just text?  I've tried a few 

> different ways, but it doesn't appear to work.




I placed my logo file in the $XYMON/gifs directory, and then used
<http://%3cmy.xymon.server%3e/xymon/gifs/%3cfilename%3e> " in the img
src" tag.



Mike Burger

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