[Xymon] problem with setting time window for alerts

Mike Burger mburger at bubbanfriends.org
Mon Mar 18 16:50:18 CET 2013

Mike Burger

"It's always suicide-mission this, save-the-planet that. No one ever just
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> I'm apparently doing something extremely wrong trying to set a time window
> for alerts for a specific server. This server burns up cpu every night and
> we don't want to see alarms for it, so I tried doing this to block those
> alarms in my hosts.cfg file -
> IP   servername # conn NKTIME=*:0800:2200
> I thought this was working but all of a sudden this weekend we got a ton
> of alarms from it again during the night.

Hi, Elizabeth.

Try this, instead:


I use this for the backups on my servers, as the CPU spikes during those
operations. Instead of a yellow or red, during those timeframes, it shows
blue and does not send out alerts.

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