[Xymon] problem with setting time window for alerts

Steve Holmes sholmes42 at mac.com
Mon Mar 18 16:48:38 CET 2013

On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 11:08 AM, Jones, Elizabeth <Ejones at egov.com> wrote:

> I’m apparently doing something extremely wrong trying to set a time window
> for alerts for a specific server. This server burns up cpu every night and
> we don’t want to see alarms for it, so I tried doing this to block those
> alarms in my hosts.cfg file –
> IP   servername # conn NKTIME=*:0800:2200
> I thought this was working but all of a sudden this weekend we got a ton
> of alarms from it again during the night.
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NKTIME won't do what you want. It only selects when something shows up on a
critical systems page (and is deprecated anyway).

Instead ...

If you want to inhibit the high cpu showing up on the web pages (and
therefore inhibit the alert) use the TIME= parameter on a high LOAD value
for that host in analysis.cfg. E.G.:

LOAD 1200 1500 HOST=db.foo.com TIME=2200:0800

If you just want to inhibit the alerts (but let the red icon still show up
on the web pages) you can do it in the alerts.cfg file.

HOST=db.foo.com SERVICE=cpu
  MAIL recipient TIME=0800:2200

Which means that alerts will only be sent for cpu on db.foo.com to
recipient between 8AM and 10PM.

Steve Holmes
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