[Xymon] Log Problem

Nick Pettefar Nick at Pettefar.com
Fri Mar 8 16:26:11 CET 2013


we have some (wacko) log entries that are not being displayed properly.

Log entry:

  ####<08-Mar-2013 14:46:48 o'clock GMT> <Info> <Common> <aaxsvr1>
<MVNE_GG_C2_S2> <Thread-310448 14:46:48,569> <<anonymous>>
<BEA1-35D44D85743B95E400F1> <> <1362754008777> <BEA-000628> <Created
"1" resources for pool
"PROD_GG_ConductorDB", out of which "1" are available and "0" are unavailable.>

is being displayed as:

  ####<08-Mar-2013 14:46:48 o'clock GMT>      <>  <> <1362754008777>

Is there a way of encapsulating the (weird) contents or should I tell
the application people to send clearer/cleaner logs?


Nick Pettefar

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