[Xymon] Debug for client side scripts

cleaver at terabithia.org cleaver at terabithia.org
Thu Mar 7 18:47:18 CET 2013

By xymon client, do you mean 'xymonlaunch'? (The client itself is just a
shell script, after all...). To my knowledge the --debug setting not
visible to any of the tasks getting launched.

Keep in mind that this setting can be changed dynamically as well, so if
it were an environment variable (for example), it would only reflect the
status as of the moment it was launched (which is probably only of more
concern for persistent or long-running daemons).


> Is there a variable that my client side scripts can access to know if
> the xymon client was started in debug mode?
> I would like my client scripts to write to their log files dependent on
> if the client is running in debug or not.  Only logging true errors
> normally, logging debug messages when in debug.
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