[Xymon] New monitoring script on Xmonton - db_cpu.ksh

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Curious -- what platforms don't have top? I know that Solaris doesn't have it, but it still has prstat. Sorry for the off-topic stray.

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Hi all

I have updated this script to fix Andrey's reported bug.
I have also added an option to use sar for calculating %Idle, after Nick reminded me that top is not part of a standard install.


On 2 March 2013 20:08, Vernon Everett <everett.vernon at gmail.com<mailto:everett.vernon at gmail.com>> wrote:
A good catch, and something I didn't consider.
All our databases instances have very different names, so the scenario you describe just never occurred to me.
I will have a look at fixing this one when I get back to the office on Tuesday. (Monday is a public holiday here)
However, if anybody wants to suggest a fix, or even update the code, go for it.


On 2 March 2013 17:14, Andrey Chervonets <a.chervonets at cominder.eu<mailto:a.chervonets at cominder.eu>> wrote:
Good news.

Had reviewed the script. There may be one problem in that lines:
   for PROC in $(ps -efa | grep $DB | awk '{ print $2 }')
You do just grep, but imagine there may be instances like:
So it will count MYDB numbers for MYDB1, MYDB12 and NOMYDB too

We should make grepping more intelligent, because oracle processes may be listed like:
and so on

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Hi all

I have just put something together to monitor Oracle database CPU usage.

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"Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory"
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