[Xymon] regular expressions in analysis.cfg

Phil Crooker Phil.Crooker at orix.com.au
Wed Mar 6 01:04:46 CET 2013

Hi David,
Thanks, it does work on ignore statements with regular expressions but not with simple strings:

LOG eventlog_application %^warning COLOR=yellow "IGNORE=No externals have been specified"
LOG eventlog_application %^warning COLOR=yellow IGNORE="No externals have been specified"

If I escape the spaces or if I add the %, it works. But still, this is not logical - quotes are normally after the equal sign and of course it shouldn't be necessary to make this into a regex when it isn't. 

thanks for the tip.

cheers, Phil

>>> David Baldwin <david.baldwin at ausport.gov.au> 03/04/13 4:43 PM >>>

You need to put "" around entire IGNORE item - e.g.:

... "IGNORE=%Client \([0-9]7"

This applies for any use of regex in analysis.cfg which uses spaces.


I'm having a problem with spaces in regular expressions when trying to IGNORE log entries. So for the line:

warning - 2013/03/04 12:52:21 - BigBrotherXymonClient (17) - The agent externals generated this event message : No externals have been specified

  works:	       LOG eventlog_application %^warning
  COLOR=red IGNORE=%Client.*17

  works:  	     LOG eventlog_application %^warning
  COLOR=red IGNORE=%Client.*[0-9]7

  works:  	     LOG eventlog_application %^warning
  COLOR=red IGNORE=Client\ \(17

  works:  	     LOG eventlog_application %^warning
  COLOR=red IGNORE=No\ externals\ have\ been\ specified  

  doesn't work:   LOG eventlog_application %^warning
  COLOR=red IGNORE=%"Client \([0-9]7"

  doesn't work:   LOG eventlog_application %^warning
  COLOR=red IGNORE="Client \(17"

  doesn't work:   LOG eventlog_application %^warning
  COLOR=red IGNORE="Client (17"

  doesn't work:   LOG eventlog_application %^warning
  COLOR=red IGNORE="No externals have been specified"


Is this correct? If so, why no spaces??? It is very confusing
as spaces are used elsewhere, eg I can have spaces in a DISK
name in analysis.cfg: DISK "/yada yada" 90 95, and spaces can be
used in various places in hosts.cfg.

thanks, Phil

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