[Xymon] [Newbie] Understanding client-server configuration (terabithia's rpm 4.3.10-1.fc17)

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Fri Mar 1 15:09:09 CET 2013

Host 3 would have the xymon client on it. 

Host 2 would have the xymon server on it, configured as a proxy. You may also have the server on it on a separate port, if you want.

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On Friday 01 of March 2013 13:45:00 you wrote:

> > I need connections tests to another hosts. If I understood 
> > correctly, I need to install the server in this case.
> No, you only need to install the Xymon server software where you want 
> to collect and display the test results. With this alone, the Xymon 
> server can display the results of any network tests (conn=ping, ssh, 
> smtp, dns, http) sent to any other server.  No other software is 
> required, just the Xymon server software.

Possible I did not wrote correctly in  English... I will draw it. 

host 1 (Xymon server / web)
host 2 (Xymon server 2 or Xymon client ?)
host 3 

"host 3" is not avaliable from "host 1". "host 2" should make ping test and send result to "host 1".

> If the Xymon server needs to monitor its own OS parameters (CPU, 
> memory, disk), it also needs to have the Xymon client software 
> installed and running.
> If the Xymon server needs to monitor another host's OS parameters 
> (CPU, memory, disk), the Xymon client software needs to be installed 
> onto the other host.

I.e. "host 2" should contains Xymon server installation because the "ping test" is not of the OS parameter. Yes ?

> I see only  "xymon-server.my.dom" and "xymon-client.my.dom" (with 
> their
> > tests) on information web page of mail server. Is there a chance to 
> > see "server2.my.dom" on the main server ?
> Yes.  Add server2.my.dom into hosts.cfg on the Xymon server.

"ping test" for "host 3" will be unsuccessful from main Xymon server (host 1). :-(

Regards, Sergey
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