[Xymon] Memory Monitor Solaris 10 Client

Torsten Ogrissek torsten.ogrissek at pixelpark.com
Wed Jul 31 13:38:24 CEST 2013

Dear Xymon-Team,

we have mentioned a problem with our memory monitors for solaris
clients. the data shown on the page of every monitor for solaris
are the mirrored like it is - let me explain.
We have installed munin and xymon on a solaris 10 machine, so that we
can compare the data from both tools.
If munin and the system says the current memory used is 48% --> xymon
shows 52%.
If munin and the system shows that 15% are currently used - xymon shows
85%... and so on.
We currently use Xymon server 4.3.10 and solaris client 4.3.7.

Do you have any idea, what we can do, is it a bug - maybe fixed in newer
client versions, or do we have to configure
something for the correct data?


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