[Xymon] XyMon 4.3.12 - what about HTTPS problems repoirted for 4.3.11 ?

Andrey Chervonets A.Chervonets at cominder.eu
Wed Jul 31 17:15:39 CEST 2013

Yes, there may be some specific or expired certificate, 
but workaround not working anyway,

Tested, using http3 does not help for CentOS and OpenSUSE 12.3

tested with URL:  https://epak.pmlp.gov.lv/NYX.Nyx002.WebSite/Default.aspx
and some others.

Best regards,

Andrey Chervonets
SIA CoMinder

From:   henrik at hswn.dk
To:     Andrey Chervonets <a.chervonets at cominder.eu>, 
Cc:     <xymon at xymon.com>
Date:   25.07.2013 13:07
Subject:        Re: XyMon 4.3.12 - what about HTTPS problems repoirted for 
4.3.11  ?


all indications are that this is an OpenSSL library problem (present in 
OpenSSL 1.x, but not in the older 0.9.x versions).

Debian has this bug report:

SuSE has this:

It appears that the problem only shows up when testing sites with 
specific SSL implementations; e.g. I've seen it when connecting to some 
IIS versions.

Apparently, a work-around is to force the use of SSLv3 instead of 
TLSv1; you can do that by changing the URL in hosts.cfg so it has 
"https3" instead of just "https".


Den 25.07.2013 07:54, Andrey Chervonets skrev:
> Good day!
> I still not received any reply for my previous messages about https
> tests problems in 4.3.11 or due openssl-1.0.nnnn.
> Does 4.3.12 have fixes for that?
> Or what should be the steps to find root cause and fix?
> Just tell me in which direction should I go, I am not going to tale
> much of Your time.
> P.S. Really, I am surprised nobody else reported similar problems. I
> fill I have done something wrong. :(

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