[Xymon] patches

henrik at hswn.dk henrik at hswn.dk
Tue Jul 30 14:38:09 CEST 2013

Hi Tom,

I am looking through your patches and I'll apply some of them but not 
others. Let me explain:

> ./web/showgraph.c
>      Convert underscore to space to unmangle temperature and lic 
> param
> names

Not really sure about this. "temperature" has always been a bit 
step-motherly handled in Xymon because there is no standard tool for it, 
but I'm always afraid of changing filenames since other users may rely 
on them being the way they are.

The "lic" status is a local add-on, it is not a standard Xymon 

I think a better way to create these RRD files the way you want them is 
to send in a "trends" data message where you can choose exactly how the 
RRD files are named, what data goes into them etc. That way you 
eliminate the need for xymond_rrd and showgraph tweaking.

> ./xymond/etcfiles/columndoc.csv
>      Add help for lic, lpd, netbios-ssn, snpp and temperature columns

I'll take the ones for the standard net protocols.

> ./xymond/etcfiles/graphs.cfg
>      Change disk1 to autoscale disk usage instead of huge KB numbers
> (another reason to store bytes instead of KB in RRDs)
>      Add total I/O to ifstat
>      Add lic graph for License Managers like FlexLM

Changing the disk1 RRD to store bytes instead of kilobytes breaks 
compatibility with existing Xymon RRD files - I am not going to do that. 
Besides, I really cannot see the benefit of storing disk usage down to 
the byte-level.

I've added the ifstat total.

The lic graph remains one of your personal additions.

> ./xymond/rrd/do_disk.c
>      Handle NetApp aggregates (diskaggr[0-9]*.rrd files)
>      Store bytes instead of kilobytes to be compatible with BB RRDs
> (also for graphs.cfg disk1 patch above)

What generates the "diskaggr" data ? I don't see anything in the NetAPP 
tester that I know (from Francesco Duranti) that collects data for this.

Disk in bytes vs kB - no, as above.

> ./xymond/rrd/do_temperature.c
>      Strip leading bold and italic HTML tags from sensor names (seen 
> on
> yellow and red alerts from BB tests)

OK, applied.

> ./xymonnet/protocols.cfg
>      Improve smtp and smtps
>      Add lpd, netbios-ssn and snpp

netbios-ssn, lpd and snpp added.
smtp/smtps - no matter how you change them, some SMTP implementation is 
going to complain. I won't break it anymore for version 4; version 5 
will fix this completely since it will implement the real protocol.


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