[Xymon] Xymon 4.3.10 holidays.cfg and Thanksgiving

Henrik Størner henrik at hswn.dk
Sat Jul 27 09:32:07 CEST 2013


On 28-11-2012 20:59, Novosielski, Ryan wrote:
> Saw a mention on the list previously about Thanksgiving winding up
> early on the calendar even though it theoretically is configured
> correctly in holidays.cfg.
> This issue still exists on 4.3.10, which I'm now running in
> pre-production. I have holidays.cfg set thusly:
> Thanksgiving:type=thu month=11 offset=4
> Day after Thanksgiving:type=fri month=11 offset=4
> ...the result is the following:
> Thanksgiving	11/21/12
> Day after Thanksgiving	11/22/12
> ...but, of course, 11/21 and 11/22 of 2012 is Wednesday and Thursday,
> not Thursday and Friday. I'm assuming this is a bug, not a misconfig.

I cannot reproduce this, neither with 4.3.10 or 4.3.12 (there hasn't 
been any code change between the two for this bit of Xymon).

For 2012, Thanksgiving is reported as Nov. 22.
For 2013, Thanksgiving is reported as Nov. 28.

According to Wikipedia, Thanksgiving in the US comes on the 4th Thursday 
of November, so this is correct.

This is with a holidays.cfg config of

   Thanksgiving:type=thu month=11 offset=4

Note that "Day after Thanksgiving" cannot be defined! The 4th Friday of 
November is not necessarily the day after Thanksgiving - in fact, here 
in 2013 the fourth Friday of November is the 22nd because November 
begins with a Friday.

You can't really define this in Xymon with the current rules - there is 
no way to define a holiday of "the day after one of the other days we 


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